Florida Past Life Regression

Past Life Soul Retrieval: Understanding Our Karmic History

Are you interested in learning about the possibility of past incarnations? Join Past Life Regressionist August Gonçalves for this transformational workshop. These four hours will be split into lecture with Q&A, a past life regression group exercise, and then a processing of the group's experience.

Part I: Lecture And Q&A

  • How Past Lives Affect Our Current Lives
  • How to tell when a past life character is being “triggered”
  • Soul fragments and soul retrieval
  • What happens when we die
  • How to resolve lingering karma, trauma, and unfinished business
  • Spirit attachments
  • Mental illness from a Shamanic perspective
  • Case studies

Part II: Past Life Regression Exercise

You will be guided through a past life, the death moment and into the afterlife where past life issues are addressed. In this process you will uncover past life trauma that correlates to current life situations and karmic relationships, while discovering skills from past lives that you can bring forth to this life.

Part III: Group Processing

August will assist the group in processing their past life and afterlife experience.


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Email August at augustgon@gmail.com

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