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August Gonçalves is a certified Past Life Regression Therapist/Deep Memory Process® Practitioner, astrologer, shamanic healer, teacher, speaker and coach. Augusts' own path led him to explore past life regression therapy as a client, his therapeutic experiences were profoundly and personally transformative. Recognizing the extraordinary significance of the work, August pursued his study of Past Life Regression Therapy at Woolger Training USA*.

During his two-year certification program in DMP® and Past Life Regression Therapy, August became aware that he was intuitively adept at the work. After completing Woolger Training USA's program, additional case studies and supervised regression sessions, August opened his Past Life Regression Therapy practice in Florida.

In his practice August incorporates astrology, shamanic bodywork, spirit releasement, ancestral healing and other modalities to create a unique process that enables him to bring his clients full-circle. Clients gain a clear understanding of their past life trauma and more importantly, they experience a cathartic, healing release from their trauma.

* Woolger Training USA was founded by the late Roger J. Woolger PhD and is recognized by the International Board of Regression Therapy and the European Association of Regression Therapy.

Past Life Regression Therapy with August Gonçalves

Not All Regression Therapies are Created Equal

Most traditional regressive therapy models focus on re-living and re-experiencing past life or current life traumas and memories. They concentrate on conscious awareness of details of the suppressed memories and how they relate to the client’s current conditions or difficulties in life. Although this method can bring some healing and understanding, the client may wonder what to do with these unlocked memories and/or how to heal the subconscious trauma controlling their life.

Going Beyond Traditional Regression Methods

My practice goes beyond traditional therapies and uses a full-circle Past Life Regression and Integration process. Once my client has re-experienced and gathered their suppressed memories, I treat the portion of the psyche carrying the soul fragments of their past life. This full-circle process heals trauma and enables my clients to experience a catharsis on the deepest level. Subconscious memories of past lives are discharged, healing the psyche thus alleviating current life complexes.

Effects of Unresolved Past Lives and Trauma

Unresolved past life events and trauma cause the psyche to fracture, allowing soul fragments to be trapped in the past. And just like in a movie, the fractured psyche continuously replays the trauma creating imprinted complexes that manifest and play out unconsciously in our current life.

Imprinted complexes are also caused by trauma experienced in this lifetime. Traditional psychology labels them as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Whether created in past or current lifetimes, imprinted complexes reveal themselves as:

  • Debilitating fears, anxieties & phobias
  •  Mental, emotional & physical issues
  • Chronic pain
  • Reoccurring issues
  • Behavioral addictions – patterns that seem difficult to break
  • Unrealized potential – feelings of being “stuck”

Resolving & Releasing Imprinted Complexes

Past Life Regression Therapy opens and heals the mind, body and spirit. During my sessions, I guide clients through the following stages:

  • Client interview – discussion of reoccurring issues/problems
  • Opening up the client’s past life
  • Guiding the client through past life events
  • Identifying their past life trauma and its unresolved issues
  • Healing trauma within the wounded soul fragments (past lives) of the psyche, stopping the continuous replaying of trauma
  • Returning healed soul fragments back to the psyche
  • Post-session overview

Client Experiences

I highly recommend August to support you in your healing journey. From the beginning to the end of the session, I felt the care, love, and professionalism necessary to carry me through my transformation.

August transported me to a time of healing significance, helping me release deep sorrow and sadness. I was able to breathe more freely, experience room in my heart for the new, and make the necessary changes in my life to move forward with joy.

~ Paula C., PhD

This was my first Past Life Regression and it was an illuminative experience. I tend to be a bit skeptical and was concerned that my inner consciousness would use its creativity to imagine all sorts of illustrious activities.

I was deeply surprised when August was able to get me to truly experience the reality of this past life. My imagination could not have conjured up what transpired.

August delivered me through hell and back. His skills, caring, and empathy, brought forth tremendous healing, and awakening that I never anticipated.

~ Barbara Wastart

I just had my first Past Life Regression with August Goncalves. It was an eye opening and healing experience. This was nothing like the other regressions I have done – this is deep healing work.

It helped me uncover past life connections to destructive limiting patterns that I’m repeating in this life. I highly recommend working with August and I’m looking forward to our next session.

Thank you August, you are truly gifted!

~ Daniela DeCastro

When August and I met, he asked why I was choosing to do a regression at this time. I told him that my guides were insistent and I must need it, because I was so scared. I mentioned that some of my concern was stemming from a repressed memory surfacing this lifetime.

August was compassionate and very professional throughout this entire experience. He explained the details of the entire process before we started – his extensive training in Past Life Regression Therapy was quite obvious.

The induction to the past life was very fast. I quickly went to a lifetime where I had experienced a violent trauma. All the memories from that life were intact and easily surfaced during the session. I re-lived happy memories, as well as sad ones. I had access to all the beauty and the pain of that lifetime. I witnessed my release from that life as well – it was so cathartic!

To say that I am still integrating and processing all that came out of this experience is an understatement. I have begun to understand myself and love myself more than I ever thought possible. I am beyond grateful to my guides and to August for this experience.

I am happy to report a huge shift in my life due to this experience. I feel personally empowered and grounded now.

~ Buffy La Roux


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